Hi, I’m Jay,

My home is an extension of my studio or is it the other way around?

Located in Green Valley California, a small community north of Los Angeles, and is the perfect place for my workshop, art studio, and home.

I am a firm believer in upcycling and strive to re-use materials and blend them into artistic creations. I used wood from the Titanic movie prop for the roof in my living room, and arched doorways from a famous actor’s home in Beverly Hills to decorate my humble bar.

I am of Indian origin and was born in Kenya. I love animals and they give me a lot of inspiration for my artwork. I also love to cook, enjoy nature and get a kick out of riding off-road bikes with good friends.

Check out this article to find out more about me and my work.

My Goals & Ambitions

I love to work with clients who have ideas, are ready to create something special, but don’t know where to start. I am good at listening to their ideas and helping convert their aspirations into an artistic reality.

My desire is to use my expertise in high-end metalwork and my artistic flair to help my clients realize their dreams.

I have worked on precision military projects, helped create designs for theme parks, and fabricated industrial prototypes.

My workshop is fitted with the latest machinery – from welding equipment to plasma cutters – allowing me to do custom work.

Call me, and let’s brainstorm. Let’s turn ideas into reality for your home or business.